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Casa Verde Farms, Inc. was established on May 6, 1970 by a young visionary from San Antonio: Rusty Crowley. Rusty dreamed of growing tomatoes and terrariums, but later expanded the business to include quality color annuals, perennials, succulents, shrubs and a few trees. Over the years his management Team grew when Rick joined as General Manager (from 1978 - 2019). Steve and Danny are top Managers. All long-time employees, Esteban and Jaime have also been with us for 30 years. Profoundly grateful, we are a family business in the truest sense!

Today – 50 years later - we supply landscapers, retail nurseries, and plant industry professionals with the finest plants possible. Our clients are offered the unique opportunity to meander through the greenhouses at leisure, ‘shopping their orders’ and carefully selecting their product.


Rusty (Left) & Rick (Right) in greenhouse surrounded by poinsettias 

Casa Verde group Photo 9:3.jpg

Casa Verde Farms Team 2000


While we resell certain plants such as cyclamen, shrubs and certain ground covers, we do propagate our own selection on Site. Certain varieties are propagated from liners, or from seed grown in our own specially formulated soil. These unique practices allow us to grow hardier, more acclimated plants as well as ‘special orders’ (within specific time frames).

Traditionally, we focus strongly on seasonal color. The stars for fall, spring and summer are our annuals, perennials, knockout roses, groundcover and shrubs - with cyclamens brightening up the landscape in winter. The popular poinsettias are taking a break at
present but may be available in future (on pre-order).


Casa Verde Farms, Inc. relocated to our current address in Schertz, Texas the month of November in 2019. Sadly, our dear Rusty passed away before the start of this exciting new chapter, but his legacy and vision live on.

We look forward to meeting you, and brightening up your business, landscapes and gardens with the finest seasonal plants in Texas.

Casa Verde Farms Team Fall 2020 

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